The Magic of the Circus, the Flavor of the Grill

At Grill d'es Solei, meats take center stage

We are passionate about offering you the highest quality with every bite. We carefully select the finest cuts of meat, season them with our secret spices, and cook them on our Jósper grill, allowing the charcoal from oak wood to enhance their unique flavor.
Come and discover why we are the perfect place for grill enthusiasts.

And if meat is not enough for you... try our delicious salads, pizzas, pastas, homemade burgers, and vegetarian specialties.


Color, Freshness, and Joy!
The freshest ingredients to start a great dinner.


The Best Smashburgers, completely homemade, served with our secret sauce and the freshest ingredients.
A true show!

Pasta e' Pizza

Let yourself be amazed by the perfect fusion between Italian cuisine and the world of entertainment.


Welcome to the Circus of Meats!

Indulge in our exquisite grilled meats while enjoying a magical atmosphere. Our team of culinary artists will amaze you with creative and flavorful dishes. 

Come and be enchanted by the Circus of Meats!


Let yourself be seduced by the sweeter side of the circus and end your visit with an unforgettable finale!


Discover the magic in every sip with our cocktails. From refreshing mojitos to elegant martinis, each cocktail is a special creation that combines fresh ingredients and top-quality spirits.
Come and raise a glass with us at the tastiest show in the circus!

Let the Show begin!!

¡Que empiece el espectáculo!